Fall is Finally Here!

Core Aeration and Fertilization

Fall is finally with us and soon we will start to feel the cool days and cooler nights. We all look forward to apple cider and hay rides and all the fun things to do in this colorful season. We pull out our warmer clothes and don socks for the first time in many months. Not only is this “sweater weather” this is also the perfect time to get your lawn ready for next spring! Core aeration and fertilization needs to take place now in order to have a beautiful lawn in the spring.

Fall LeafNot only is fall the right time to fertilize in terms of creating a healthy lawn it is also the right time in terms of  protecting the environment. Due to dropping temperatures  any run-off containing fertilizer will have less impact in Chesapeake Bay and the surrounding water ways.   If you wait until spring to fertilize any contaminated run off  can impact the Bay due to the warming temperatures.   So save the Bay and fertilize now!

Plant New Trees

Fall is also a good time to plant new trees. The cooler weather gives a young tree time to adjust to its surroundings. There is usually more rain in the fall months which is beneficial to all trees but especially for newly planted ones. Also if you wish to transplant any trees the same principles apply.   Then over the winter and spring the trees will establish themselves and be able to survive the heat of summer.

Enjoy the Cool Weather

Now that you have finished your yard work, put on your sweater,  pick some apples, take a hay ride,  build a scarecrow and enjoy!



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