April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Now is the time to get out there and plant those annuals to get them established before the heat of the summer.  Not only will it make your house look better but it will also enhance the value.  Look at any true mansion and you will see they always have wonderful gardens.  These enhanced the homes in many different ways and we too can profit from the same idea.flower (640x480)

There are several levels of landscaping that add to the value of your home;  the sophistication of the design, the size of the plants and finally the diversity of the plant material.   Each one adds 20 to 30 percent to the value of the home.

So I feel like size of plants and diversity of materials is pretty self explanatory but sophistication of the design needs a little more explanation.

Think of Design Sophistication in levels.  The first level would be foundation planting.  These are the sort of standard bushes that are placed around a house originally.  Usually evergreens, like hollies, or sometimes flowering bushes such as forsythias or azaleas.  They normally hid the actual foundation of the house and add some interest.

The second level of Design Sophistication would be to add an island bed of plantings.  One large oblong bed with several different types of plantings.  Maybe some perennials to maintain a look throughout the year but also bulbs to have a change in the spring.   This would also be used to plant annuals to change the look as the seasons changed.  To also bring up the level the homeowner would want to plant one or two shade trees in the lawn or maybe a large evergreen.

Finally for the most impact the third level of Design Sophistication could be achieved.  This would be a fully developed landscape with the foundation planting adjoined by curved beds.  There would also be several island beds throughout the yard.   Finally several trees would dot the landscape.

We all know it when we see it!  The fully landscaped lawn with beautiful beds that catch are eye and seem to keep developing as we look at it.  It is easy to see why this would increase the value of your home and if done properly it should not be cost prohibitive.  The initial planting may incur some expense but if the right plants are chosen and they are maintained correctly your landscape should continue to give you value and joy for years to come.













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