Hurricane Season is Storming In

First Storm has already come and gone

Hurricane Season is Storming InIt is hard to believe we already have had our first Tropical Event of the season.   Although hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th it is not often that we see a large storm so early.   Thankfully the Hampton Roads area was spared from Arthur but our friends in the Outer Banks once again bore the brunt of it!

Once again we are reminded that storms can be tricky to predict and can change at a moments notice.   If you look back to last season’s blog we discussed Hurricane preparedness for your home and surroundings.  It would not hurt to review that information but I would also like to add what we need to do for ourselves to ride out a storm or if necessary evacuate.

Preparing your yard and your home

As always bring in anything that can become a missile.  That includes all outside decorations, pots and  lawn furniture, especially if it was a glass top.  Tempered glass will shatter if it is thrown on the ground or against a building.  Also look around to your neighbors’ homes; if someone is away or needs help jump in and help them.  It is not just the neighborly thing to do; it may also prevent their items from damaging your property.

As you see the storm coming you should be stocking up on water and canned goods—a minimum of a gallon of water per person per day is recommended, but I like to double that to cover use beyond the bare necessities. Although that might seem like a lot, you may not have air conditioning and will need a lot of water just to stay hydrated.  I would recommend picking up extra water when you find yourself in the grocery store even when a storm is not imminent.  Then you can build up your supply over time.  Occasionally there are water issues without a storm so it is good to have a supply available.

Another good idea is to go to the bank and get a supply of money, specifically smaller bills.  If you don’t have smaller bills and the stores run out of change you may have to buy things you don’t need just to use up your $20.00 bill from ATM.  Yes, this means you have to actually go in the bank but it may be worth it!

Hopefully we will have a very quiet tropical season, but planning ahead can help us breeze through it!


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