Landscaping Tips for Hurricane Season

It is that time of year again.  Hurricane Season!  And although Hurricane Season started in JuneHurricane Prep we here in Hampton Roads are entering the prime time for us to be impacted.  Although there has not been much activity in the Tropics this year it only takes one strong storm to do a lot of damage.  Let’s hope this season remains slow, but just in case here are some tips to help you and your property weather the storm.

Things to do Before the Storm even forms:

Make sure limbs are trimmed back away from the house.  The limbs you cut down now are ones you won’t have to haul out later!

Consider switching from gravel/rock material in your beds to mulch.  All those rocks can become tiny missiles aimed at your windows!

Make sure water has a way to run off away from your home.  During the next rain storm check your property.  Check that drains are working properly.  Check for areas that have ponding.  You may need to redesign that area so the water can run off.

As the Storm Approaches:

Clear your yard of any loose materials.  Planters, tools, watering cans, etc.  Also pick up any sticks or branches that may have fallen.

For people who live in associations or town homes it is recommended to go out and check for loose items in the common areas.

Follow local radio and television to track the storms progress and hear emergency advisories.

If told to evacuate do so!  Don’t wait until it is too late!

After the storm:

Follow all local authorities directions.

Proceed with caution.

Make sure there are no downed power lines around your home.

Do not step in standing water.

Be cautious of broken limbs that may still be in the trees.

And finally

Always use Professional, Licensed Contractors.

















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