A Lawn Full of Leaves

Fall FoliageIt is that time of year again, Autumn.  The air is getting crisper, the nights are cooler.  The pumpkin flavored treats are in all the stores and the apples are being picked.  The leaves are changing color and falling off the trees.   They are so beautiful as they swirl down on a breeze.  But don’t let them linger too long on the lawn or you may run into trouble!

Your lawn still needs sunshine and rain to grow the roots that will sustain it over the winter.  Over time the leaves will create a mat and block out the sun and rain causing damage to your lawn.

And, yes, there are nutrients in the decaying leaves, but these are better for your garden then your lawn.  If you truly, truly do not want to rake/blow the leaves up you can mow them.  This will break them up and prevent the matting that can damage your lawn!  They are also great for the mulch pile.

Here are a few more reasons to remove the leaves.  First is safety.  Leaves can be very slippery and create a slip and fall hazard, especially if they are on the driveway or walkway.  Another reason to remove leaves is purely aesthetic.  Your home just looks better when the leaves are gone and this will make the neighbors happy!












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