Beat the Winter Blues

beat the winter bluesHere comes the Artic Blast again.   Some of us are still recovering from the last bout of winter weather, the so called Polar Vortex, and here it comes again!  Hopefully you managed to get through with no broken pipes or other mishaps but here are some reminders as we face this late January freeze.

Helpful Tips

Keep the cabinet doors under your sinks open so the pipes will get the heat from the house.  You can also turn the faucet farthest from the main and have it drip so as to keep the pipes from freezing.

You may also want to run the heat a little higher than normal as our southern houses don’t have as much insulation as those in the north.

Keep kitty litter or environmentally friendly de-icer in your garage and your car.

Have an ice scraper in your car and thoroughly clean your front and back windows before driving.

Watch out for icy roads, especially after dark and in the early morning.  Some spots that were wet during the warmth of the day may freeze as the sun sets.

Hopefully these tips will help you through this next round of frigid weather.

Resolve to Spruce up your Yard

Since most of us will probably be staying in during the cold this may be a good time to work on those resolutions we made a few weeks ago or maybe start a new one.  I would suggest that this is the perfect time to resolve to spruce up your yard.

What better time than these Winter days and nights to start looking through catalogues and searching the web for ideas for the Spring.  Now is the time to order seeds, draw up pictures and call your landscape professional to make your dreams become a reality.

Spring may seem a long way off but here in the Tidewater the temperatures begin to climb in early March.  That is when the lawns will start to come back to life and mowing will start to become the order of the day.  So now is the time to act in order to be ready for your yard to come alive!


  1. Theresa Wagar says

    You’re right about keeping the house warmer. However our heat pumps work very hard to keep up with this freezing weather. Can’t believe my electric bill from January! Looking forward to spring!

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