Spring Has Sprung

pic 2014The Vernal Equinox has finally arrived and the days will be getting longer!  Lots of extra time to get out there and get that lawn and garden started.   After this harsh winter our outdoor spaces probably need some extra care.  Hopefully you have used the time of cold and snow to clean up your tools and get them in tip-top condition so you can hit the ground running!

Your Lawn

This is the time to feed your lawn.  Go easy though as too much of a good thing can damage your grass.  Remember grass is a plant!  Just like a houseplant that can be over or underfed, over or under watered or a myriad of other issues the same holds true for grass!  But once you find the proper balance of food and water your lawn will take off and be the envy of the neighborhood!

Your Garden

It is never too early to get that garden going!  Some hardy plants may have wintered over and you can take some time to clean them up around the edges.  Trim the brown leaves off and clean debris out from the beds.  Then head off to the garden center to get the new spring selections.  Or call your local landscaper and have a crew come out and create a beautiful outdoor scape for you!

Your Vegetable Garden

Now is also a good time to start readying your vegetable garden.  The ground is starting to warm up but these cold nights can be hard on new sprouts.  To combat this problem many gardeners create a lean-to or mini greenhouse to get a jump on the growing season.  Some lumber and heavy plastic can do the trick to get you through to the warm weather!

Your Plan

Whether you choose to work on your lawn, your garden, or vegetable garden or a combination of the three now is the time to get outside and watch your outdoor space Spring into life!


  1. If you are planning on landscaping a small area, you shouldn’t hav any problems doing this small project yourself.
    There are two main categories of plants; hey are exotic and indigenous plants.
    In the videeo we also introduce trenching as a method of planting long spindly
    plants that seem too unwieldy to get into the ground.

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